How to Measure and Cut Paper Beads

Posted on Nov 9, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | 13 comments

I was asked by one reader if there is a template for measuring and cutting paper for paper bead making.  I guess there is, but that would limit the size in terms of length of your strip of paper.  The longer paper strip will make a more round and thicker bead.  Here is a tutorial on how to cut the paper for paper bead making.  I showed it here in a piece of regular printing paper so you can see the marks I made.  You can apply this principle to longer paper.


You need to mark the top part and bottom edges of your paper to your desired size of your beads.  In this case I marked the 1/4 inch for a smaller bead.



I would then take my ruler, to trace the dots and connect them forming a triangular shape.  Tip:  If you want a longer paper you just need to use two sheets or two magazine pages glued together and use the yard stick instead of just regular ruler.


It should look like this.


You can then cut it into strips by using a craft knife or scissors.  Below are cut up magazines ready for rolling into paper beads.


Now you’re ready to make some beautiful paper beads.  So, go ahead check out your mailbox for those glossy holiday catalogues they’re sending out this year and turn them into beautiful wearable art.



  1. i don’t have a web site but i am interested in seeing your beads that are for sale. by the way have you tried to set up an “Etsy” account. they are very much about arts and crafts and are very reasonable in cost.

  2. can anyone help me to market my paper beads,i’ve done a lot of them

    pls help,if anyone is interested pls reply to this message,thank’s

  3. No matter the length or width, my beads do not come out like this. I’m using magazine sheets and glued together to make 36″ long lengths, 1/2 inch wide. Look nothing like the beads shown.

    • most beads are only 11″ to 13″ long.

  4. hi
    i am currently making paper beads and i was wondering how you make beads that are in a bicone shape
    all the beads that i have been making are coming out in long and thin

    • Hi Brodie,

      Please check out other tutorials that I have. Try cutting paper that is 1/2 inch wide at the base and about 24-30 inches long. If you use a thicker or heavier paper then it will even be more rounded, for example cover of a magazine or catalog. Thanks for visiting. Janice Mae

  5. Dear Janice,
    I am starting a paper bead business and I have just been cutting and working away. But I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to do what I do. Here’s what I usually do: I have my wonderful sister advertise my bracelets and then when I get an order I just cut out beads and roll them and string them. I have been wanting to make beads beforehand and then string them, but I need to have what my customers want. How can I make a bunch of beads and have enough variety??

    • Hi Ashley,
      How are you selling your bracelets and how does your sister advertise? Maybe, you can make the bracelets from what paper beads your have available and also take orders that can be custom made according to customers’ specifications as to color and size. The beauty about paper beads is that no two are alike and that is part of the uniqueness of paper bead jewelry and I think your customers can appreciate that.

  6. How do you get the colours so consistent to make a up a string of matching beads?

    • The beads come from the same magazine pages, so the colors are consistent.

  7. Your beads are beautiful. How do you get your gorgeous shine? And all so similar?

  8. thank you! i made a bracelet so far from an old glossy gift bag. i’ll be linking to you:D

  9. Those are gorgeous…my attempts do not look like that, but they are getting better and this tutorial helped!