How To Make Paper Beads w/ a metal roller

Posted on Oct 29, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | 5 comments

There are several ways you can make paper beads, rolling paper with a metal roller (available for purchase from Aubrey’s Beads, just $12, sold as kit)  is just one of them.  I like using them because the holes is not as large compared to paper beads made on a dowel or a skewer.  I had this specially made with a bamboo holder, you get a good grip of the roller this way.   The materials you need are the following and for instructions, please watch the video.

Strips of old magazines cut into triangles

Strips of old magazines cut into triangles

I am using Diamond Glaze to glue the paper and also as glaze/top coat.  I like using Diamond Glaze because it gives it a glossy finish and it dries quickly.


Here is the how-to video:

Get inspired and make some beautiful paper beads.



  1. Thank you for this video, I’ve really enjoyed it!

    • Hi Sofia,

      I enjoyed your website as well, I love all the tutorials you have on there specially the polymer clay tutorials. Janice Mae

  2. Can you please tell me, does this make a 1/16 hole bead? The size of a toothpick, which I’ve been using? Thanks

    • Hi Sara,

      The metal roller makes about 3mm hole in the paper bead. This is what they use in Philippines to make the paper beads. If you want a smaller hole than that, I suggest using a needle, although I have not tried that yet. Thank you for stopping by. Janice Mae

  3. It’s really fun to make paper beads. I enjoy your tutorials.Hope you will continue this work of art.