Greetings from the California Gift Show!

Posted on Jul 22, 2011 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

Today’s Guest Blogger:  Garry Sullins – Web Developer

Hi everyone, this is my first blog entry on  Janice asked me to step in and cover for her, since she’s busy working the room at the California Gift Show in Los Angeles.  And I’m sure many of you are wondering where the heck she’s been!  Well, a lot is going on for Janice these days.  As you may know, Janice was recently invited to appear on JTV (Jewelry TV) for a second show!  I thought she did really well in her 1st 15 minutes of fame go around, and it looks like I’m not alone – JTV seems to really like her too!  So set your dial for JTV on Thur, Aug 4 – and watch the celebrity princess do her thing!

(Oh yeah, just so you know Janice is alive and well – here’s a picture she just sent me from the show.)

Janice Mae at the California Gift Show

Janice Mae at the California Gift Show

And introducing the newest member of Team JaniceMae:

Kathleen Mito at the California Gift Show

Karoleen Mito at the California Gift Show

Janice will be back on Monday to post her latest inspirations, and no doubtedly share some exciting things that are coming for JaniceMae – the company.  You’ll want to watch this new website come alive:!

Additional note: We have temporarily disabled comments, where necessary, due to overwhelming amounts of spam.  You may have noticed our site slowing down over the last week?  We’re busy working on it and plan on making improvements throughout the site.  Please stay tuned!


  1. Hello to you Janice and wonderful staff,i found your web site 4 months ago and have been hooked on paper beads since,in fact im obsessed with learning all i can and have been beading into the wee small hours making hundreds of beads and putting them together as best i can into jewelry for friends and family etc,i just wanted to say your my insperation to a new craft /hobby seeing im a mum whos suffering from empty nest syndrome.congratulations on your recent successes on JTV…i wish you all well and look forward to all of your new tutorials and beading creations…ps all the best for your lovely exciting new web site too…sincerely Diane (nz)

  2. i pleased to hear from you! I see that everything goes well! thank you to the new guest blogger’s intervention pleasant and humorous! good luck for the future … we are waiting!