Friendship Necklaces

Posted on Nov 23, 2010 in My Paper Beads | 5 comments

Sher and Deb finished their Friendship Necklace, I love how the necklaces looks similar, they are supposed to!  Beautiful fall colors are the one thing in common and it has a little bit of everyone’s beads, how cool is that?  It makes my day, when I see other people’s work, to see growing interests in paper beads and somehow to be connected with each other no matter where you are.  Sanja, is always coming up with new ideas and I just love how she tries and incorporates different things into her paper bead jewelry.

Sanja's necklace with snowflake pendant

Sanja's necklace with snowflake pendant

I’m happy to see that she used the elephant charm I sent her,  she was one of those who sent a picture of her wearing her paper beads jewelry and this was the giveaway!


Deb, I think you have the perfect Thanks Giving outfit right here, I love all the colors!


Aloha, from Sher, I see the salwag beads that she loves so much, now I know why, it is neutral and yet a beautiful accent to paper beads.


For those of you who would like to share your paper beads jewelry, email me first on the Contact Us link and you will receive instructions from me on how to do it.


  1. Thank you very much for the nice compliments 🙂
    The friendship necklaces look great.
    I cant wait to get the post from the trade so i can make the friendship nacklace too.

  2. Your welcome Sher! Thanks Janice! Leggings are a must for the holidays because they s-t-r-e-t-c-h around the tummy Lol. After Thanksgiving it’s back on the diet to get ready for Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  3. Thanks Deb! I had a blast making it. Wore it to church and everybody WANTS one LOL. Amazing what you can do with little or not resources!!!! So what’s next Janice. Are we going to do a Christmas one????


  4. Wow Sanja love both of your necklaces! The snowflake and the elephant adds those special touches! Your necklaces always turn out so nice!

    Sher, I love your friendship necklace! It turned out great!

    Janice, I’m definately going to wear my friendship necklace with that shirt, with a black belt belted around my hips with black leggings and black boots for Thanksgiving. My friendship necklace really looks good with the outfit. Thanks so much Janice and Kayla for taking out your time from your busy schedules to do this for us!

    • Deb, I think you would have tons of compliments, I like the legging and boots idea, I can live in them myself! Happy Thanks Giving to everyone.