Elegant Paper Bead Jewelry – Not Just For Kids Anymore!

Posted on Mar 27, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

Paper beads can be made into something elegant and fashionable.  Wouldn’t you rather wear something that is unique, certainly a conversation piece than some fashion jewelry bought at the mall that will just end up at the bottom of your drawer after they tarnished?  Mix it up with other light inexpensive beads and you cannot even tell they’re paper beads – feel free to look at our gallery and get some ideas.

For those of you who already know how to bead you will find  paper beads to be an excellent replacement for other beads such as India glass and stones.

One of my favorites is the Sea Anemone – such a fun ring, looks complicated but very simple, a beginner’s project. (will provide photo, materials and how to)

Paper Beads can be elegant!


Silver ring finding with one loop
15-17 pcs. Loose paper bead (olive bead size)
15-17 pcs. 1.5 24 gauge head pins
15-17 pcs. Spacers (for top of bead)
Flush cutter
Round Nose pliers
Chain nose pliers

What to do: Pick up head pin and put spacer and paper beat into it.  Make a loop using the Round Nose Pliers, before closing the loop attach it to the one big loop on the ring finding, then wire wrap the tail of the head pin.  Continue to do this until you have no space left on the big loop on the ring finding, but try to squeeze in as may head pins with the bead onto the loop as much as you can – this makes the ring stand up and look full, or you can just put in 6-10  of the head pin with the paper bead, the result is that the beads will lay flat and has a lot of movement.

Paper Beads Dangle Ring

Paper Beads Dangle Ring


  1. Maybe making a tutorial with pictures will help like your other ones,seems a little confusing.

    • Hi N-girl, the sea anemone ring was one of my very first post last year. It is in my to do list to do a tutorial for this fun ring, as soon as I have the ring finding back in stock at my shop I will do a video. Thank you for stopping by.