Show your green side with the earth awareness paper bead bracelet

Posted on Jun 22, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials, Paper Bead Creations | 4 comments

What a better way to show your green side.  The Earth Awareness Paper Bead Bracelet is not just eco friendly but fashionable!  It is inexpensive and would be a great present to anyone age 9-99. 
The Earth Awareness Paper Bead Bracelet

The Earth Awareness Paper Bead Bracelet

The following are materials needed:

  • 22 gauge silver or gold non tarnished wire
  • 10mm diamond shaped paper beads (
  • tree charm or any kind of charm of choice
  • magnetic clasp

How to:  Double-wire wrapped each paper bead with the 22 gauge silver or gold wire, be sure to connect each bead before wire wrapping the ends.  Wire wrapped the magnectic clasp to each end or use jump ring, although it is more strong if the clasp is wire wrapped.  Connect the tree charm or any charm of your choice to the middle of the bracelet.  Last but not least, be sure to measure the length of the bracelet before attaching the clasp and do not forget to take into consideration that the clasp will add at least 1/4-1/2 of an inch to the length of your bracelet.

The kit that includes DVD instructions on how to wire wrapped can also be purchased at or click the icon to your left.Earth Awareness Paper Bead Bracelet

The magnetic closure makes it easy to take the bracelet off and put it on – to make the bracelet last for years you need to take it off when washing hands or doing dishes.  

Earth Awareness Paper Bead Bracelet in Gold Tone

Earth Awareness Paper Bead Bracelet in Gold Tone


  1. Good evening I would like to know how to do more than round pearls, there is a tutorial for this model as it is in the photo? by Daniela

  2. Is it possible for a video tutorial on this bracelet? I would love to learn how you twist the wire like that and put it together. Verry nice…

    • Hi Stella,

      It is on my list. I know it is so much easier to to a video tutorial, I feel that if I write the instructions it just gets more confusing. So, yes, there will be video tutorial for the double wire wrapped paper beads. Thanks for visiting. Janice Mae

  3. Very beautiful!