Delicious Paper Bead Lei

Posted on Jun 4, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

Lei is a Hawaiian word for anything strung together to be worn as an adornment.  The chunky paper beads in cream and reds inspired me to make this Paper Bead Lei and bracelet set to look like a yummy dessert much like one of these images I found on the internet.

strawberry dipped

Coco wood chips are strung on a beading wire with the chunky paper beads.


It also much resembled my all time favorite dessert, the banana split!

banana split

You can tell I have dessert on my mind when I made this necklace


cherry cup cake

Another day of turning the ordinary into extraordinary!



  1. I just love the big paper beads. My Father made me a bead roller but the beads hole is a little bigger. I’m planning on purchasing a metal or bamboo one soon when i can that way my beads wont go threw the head pins.

  2. wait, those are PAPER beads?! they don’t look like any paper beads I’ve ever seen, they are so chunky. did you use paper shreddings to make them?
    I would love to try it sometime, they are beautiful.