Colourful Spools -day 23

Posted on Jan 23, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

I didn’t know what to do with the different leftover barrel shaped paper beads, they are so rich in color with shiny metallic paper they remind me of spools of metallic yarn.  If you are like me who loves funky and unusual jewelry, you would love this necklace.


Several strips of paper went into the making of these barrel type beads, they are not as light as the other type of paper beads that we have.


I love jewelry that you don’t have to take seriously, I put this on and your mood somehow lightens up!



  1. hi, janice !
    this necklace remind me of the necklaces that i did when i was little girl with big wooden beads ! verry funny and pretty colors…
    i love it !

  2. I REALLY love this!!! Gorgeous!!!