Cloisonne With Paper Beads

Posted on Nov 10, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 1 comment

It can be a challenge sometimes to find the right paper to make black paper beads, gift bags such as this Guess paper bag makes nice beads.  They just have the right thickness and gloss to it.


The beads are about 1/2 inch at the base and 18 inches long


Do you use bead caps with your paper beads?  It is a nice way to finished a bracelet and to hide the holes of the paper beads is using bead caps.


The red cloisonne bead is such a nice contrast with the black paper beads


I can see wearing them with a red sweater and maybe matching earrings


One Comment

  1. I don’t normally use bead caps, mostly because the ones that are near me are pricy. Oh well.