Chandelier Paper Bead Earrings by Cindy

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Cindy Johnson is one of avid beaders who has just discovered paper beads, I am impressed at her enthusiasm and creativity when it comes to coming up with new ways to turn paper beads into wearable jewelry.  Cindy works as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital and finds beading as a great stress reliever.  In her own words:

” For the last 22 years of my life I have been an RN.  For the last nine months I have been a beader.  I find it a great way to relieve stress after a difficult shift and also a great way to express my creativity.  My daughter Kate (12 yrs. old) has also gotten into beading and is getting really good.”

Here’s Cindy with beautiful chandelier earrings she made with small round paper beads.


A bird’s eye view


The chandelier earring finding she put together from jewelry bought at Dollar Tree for a dollar!  I love it when looking stylish does not have to cost an arm and a leg.


She also made this necklace with blue paper bead tubes, Kate agreed to model for us.  I wish I took a close up of it.


You must be wondering why I’m only showing one earring, for some reason the other pair got lost in Cindy’s huge bag.  She was in a rush to finish Christmas shopping so we did not have the time to look for it.