Black and White Giveaway

Posted on Aug 23, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 9 comments

It’s a beautiful Monday today, hence I decided to do a Give Away!  Leave me a comment telling me what it is made of, the kind of paper I used and we will pick out a winner on Wednesday.


The focal bead is black agate and the beads in between are hematite and daisy spacers.


It is strung on elastic and so it fits most if not I would be willing to adjust the size and I would even ship International to be fair to my readers far and wide:)



  1. I think its made of newspaper adds . the bracelet is amazing!!!!!

  2. It looks like its made out of classified adds in the newspaper….I <3 the bracelet….soo pretty

  3. They look like pages from a phone book, I have to go with that. Beautiful bracelet!

  4. It looks like the want ads from a newspaper. Another great idea…even if I’m wrong!!

    Thanks for the inspiration. I love your site.

  5. pages from catalogues? i’m sure you have tons of those you just dont have the heart to throw them away coz you’re a paper beader!!!

  6. I would say junk mail, or from bills? or maybe newspaper from the adds. I think it turned out great!

  7. I would say the classified ads, but the numbers are throwing me off. By the way, you have opened a whole new craft world up to me since I discovered your blog. I absolutely love making beads out of scrap paper. The jewelry is beautiful. I normally work with fabric, quilts, bags, etc. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

    • Welcome to our blog Sara. I am happy to have inspired you in some way to include paper beads in the many crafts you are already doing. Janice Mae

  8. how funny ! i thought about making beads like these yesterday : with pages from the book where you can find all the telephone numbers and adresses in your country/region…! ( i don’t know the name in english !)
    well, that’s what i imagine…