Bigger Paper Bead Projects

Posted on Apr 28, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

While it is fun to make paper bead jewelry which you put together in an hour or two, sometimes I just feel like taking on bigger projects. I go to the local craft store and I see the different purses and totes that are made for embellishment. I found this purse made of cotton and lined w/ pockets, and picked out a pair of matching handles for it. I sewed on white color paper beads that are 1 inch long. Instead of using thread to sew on the paper beads, I used Illusion cord so that the stitches will not be visible. I wanted to show the unfinished purse, so you have an idea of the before and after look. It will probably take me two weeks or more to finish the purse and I know I will not stop at just filling it up with paper beads;  it seems like it call for fringes, some seed beads that need to be sewn here and there, so many possibilities…

Cavas purse ready for embellishment

Canvas purse ready for embellishment

White tube shaped paper beads are used for this project

White tube-shaped paper beads are used for this project

The almost Finished purse

The almost-finished purse

I am just in the process of filling the canvas with paper beads,  I’m sure I will add more embellishment to it, like beads I have in my stash, ribbons maybe.  I was hoping to finish it before Mother’s Day, we’ll see.


  1. Could you possibly do a tutorial on this? I’ve always wanted to make a purse with paper beads but there’s no tutorials on how to do the stitching and you explain things so wonderfully

  2. Hola super bonita la cartera buena idea me encanto mucho,tratare de hacerme una,gracias por compartirlo,saludos bendiciones.

  3. I saw this and decided to make my own. I am only putting the beads on one side of the purse and have a wonderful cat material that I will embroider on and embelish for the other side. I was thinking of seperating the beads with smaller seed beads but will see how that works out. I just finished making all the beads I think I will need. thanks for the great idea.