Big and Beautiful Paper Bead Bracelets

Posted on Apr 30, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

The group of Philippine women is a constant source of inspiration for me.   They come up with new shapes, new ways of turning paper into beautiful paper beads.  Any new thing they come up with you get to preview here, before they are sold in the stores or online.  I received these big round paper beads yesterday and I immediately fell in love.  My sister Joann and her husband Jun choose and cut the paper and distribute them to trained “paper beaders”.   The fruits of their labor will soon be available at major craft stores and I am happy for them and hope for great sales.  These chunky paper bead bracelets will draw attention to your wrists and will become instant conversation piece!




My sister calls this “wordy” paper beads.  Jun cuts the paper in such a way that certain words are still visible.




I made a simple bracelet with copper and antique gold spacers. 


I think they came out really nice


Another day of taking the ordinary to extraordinary!




  1. What great color and instantly improves the mood. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Those came out gorgeous. I wonder how much magazine was used for that? Would you happen to know the measurements on those beads?