Azine Pendants – day 222

Posted on Nov 26, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 5 comments

Introducing………Azine Pendants – a totally cool pendant that can be worn by itself or as many as you want!  I call them Azine because they are one hundred percent from the pages of a magazine.


This Holiday Season, it is not only eco – nomical to make your own presents but you are also giving the gift of green.  It is a gift that will be definitely well received!



  1. Hi Linda, The bamboo roller might work for you. I have the metal and the bamboo. For items that need a larger more consistent hole I use the bamboo. The hole is not too big for most things. Or you could use a straw if the hole has to be really big and then cut the straw to the size of your bead after rolling it . For my smaller holes I use the metal roller or a toothpick. I hope that this helps and happy beading!

  2. I am having trouble with the holes. They are either too small or too large, so I can’t get the rope through the hole or if the hole is too large it doesn’t look good. I have tried pencils tooth picks and other form of to roll the paper. What I need is something in between. Any ideas?

  3. I am new at paper beading and having trouble with keeping the center of the bead neat. Also with creating different shapes of beads. Well none of that mattered when I saw your pendants. I had to make some with the beads I had on hand. I tried with the one I had mess up the ends. My granddaughters love them. Thank you
    I have found many website on paper beads but your has been the most helpful. Thank you once more.
    I am disable and it helps to have a website what I can turn to and not get frustrated with.

  4. These are very nice! I love the colors on them as well. What a great idea

  5. wow …!!! very nice these “azine”! to adopt without delay …. or to offer in simplicity! and always these wonderful colors of magazine paper …I love them !