“Aide Memoire” Paper Bead Bracelets

Posted on Dec 19, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | 1 comment

We wake up each day with our fingers crossed that everything will just go smoothly, you get in your car and find that you have a full tank, the kids are not fighting, there was no line at the grocery store, and everything just falls into place like they’re supposed to.  But it’s not always like that, is it?  We get frustrated and start taking it out on other people.  Don’t you just wish that some alarm would just go off in your head to remind you to take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture?  Count our blessings and think of the less fortunate and little annoying things that happen to us on a daily basis in nothing compared to what others are experiencing.  So, instead of tying a red string on my finger to remind me to be patient and not sweat the small stuff, I made these bracelets which I call “aide memoires”  to keep me on track.  You can make one too, your very own reminder.

The very first one I made is with diamond shaped paper beads and seed beads (it’s black at almost look like wood) and I hang the Om sign.  The Om sign is a symbol for Hindu belief and is used in their daily lives.  It is believed that just by uttering the word Om or Aum, it can transport your mind into a state of trance.  For me, it is just like counting 1-10 when you try to control anger or frustration.  When I wear this bracelet, it reminds me to be mindful of others and try not to be irritated over small things.


Here it is on the wrist, Ithink it looks cool and hip!


You can make your “aide-memoire” to whatever you like it to be, it can be a photo of a loved one, or a certain charm or pendant.  Whatever it is make it your very own reminder of how to be a better person.


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