Adorned Cockle Shells

Posted on Jul 15, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 4 comments

The first time I heard of cockle shells from an old nursery rhyme, Mary Mary Quite Contrary and I didn’t even know what it means.  Well for those of us whose memory needs to be  nudged a little bit, it goes like this:

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Although I grew up in a place where shells are abundant, I have never seen a cockle shell before.  Legend has it, that this heart shaped bivalve is given by sailors to their sweet hearts waiting for them at home.  I can imagine mermaids wearing them as adornment.  It is very fragile, just like the sand dollar – a perfect gift and a reminder to someone you are giving it to: “to take special care not to break your fragile heart”.  It’s the romantic in me again 🙂

Cockle Shells And Paper Beads

They are pretty the way they are,  but for some of us who loves our “bling”

Paper Beads and Cockle Shells

I can imagine wearing this at a beach wedding, or when you are on a cruise……I have been doing a lot of wire crochet and the lacy effect of wire crochet makes it romantic and feminine, don’t you think so?

Paper Bead and Cockle Shells

I waited a little bit in mailing out the kits for some of the other paper beads to arrive.  We have received from seven participants today!  I will be posting that tomorrow and the kits will all be mailed out starting Saturday.  I am so happy with the response and all the beautiful paper beads…..


  1. Re: Bead Trade

    Hi, Janice.

    I brought my trade beads into the store this past Wednesday. I’m amazed at the the number of participants in this first bead trade- very nice 🙂 I look forward to receiving my kit to create some lovely pieces to share with everyone.

    I would also like to make a request and ask if you would be so kind as to post photos of the beads made by the remaining participants, including myself. I love seeing other people’s work and I am truly impressed with this particular group’s diverse contributions.

    I am really enjoying this first trade so far and I hope that we can do it again.

    Lastly, I would like to say thank you. Thanks to every awesome person that has participated in this trade. Thanks Janice for all your time and hard work in organizing and executing this first bead trade. You’re one great lady!

    • Hi Karina,

      Thank you for the lovely paper beads and “extras” you included, the paper beads I got yesterday and today will be shared here 🙂

  2. Yesterday I watched a video how to make the wired bird nest pendant/ring. And I tried it with paper beads It came out very nice. I got pics on my site with it.I think paper beads looks good with everything.
    Your shell came out really precious. You think you can do a tutorial on the crochet bracelets?

    • Hi Elim,

      I checked out your wired nest with paper beads it looks like robin’s eggs, really pretty. The wire crochet is really easy (I mean it), you don’t even have to know how to crochet, just simple chain stitches. I will try and do a video.