A Green Christmas – day 238

Posted on Dec 14, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

Finally put my tree up with the help of Lana.  I was not sure if I wanted a big tree or the one that I had eight years ago from a Martha Stewart magazine.  Since I wanted to hang all of my Christmas ornaments I decided on a big tree.  My little grand daughter Lana was only interested the sheep ornament:)


I wanted to incorporate some paper beads in trimming the tree; tube beads, left over glass beads, cone beads……..an addition to my ever growing Christmas ornaments.


What’s Christmas without a big Snow Flake (a paper bead snowflake)!


And I’m not even done yet!  It is a work in progress…….


  1. Not only the paper bead garland, and the paper bead snowflake, but what about the paper bead “X-Mas star ornaments?? I made some and looped clear “fishing line” and than on the hook. They look very pretty hanging.

  2. Very festive! Loving the paper bead garland! Merry Christmas.

  3. This Christmas tree is beautiful! I love the idea of garlands paper beads! and also cones…I set up mine too!