Cuff Bracelet With Baby Paper Beads

Posted on Dec 23, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

These bracelets are fun, hip, cute and best of all, easy to put on! With this bracelet you can forget about the troubles of trying to fasten a clasp without even asking for help. Not only that but they’re fun and easy to make!


I decided to use a mix of  baby paper beads, firepolish glass beads and seed beads. I used thick gauged craft wire for the band, and braided them together, giving the bracelet it’s  cute, casual look.  Trust me,  it is as easy as that.


Spacer Size Paper Beads

Size 8 Seed Beads

4mm Fire Polish Glass Beads

18 Gauge Craft Wire

materials 1

Step 1:

Cut four  8 inch pieces  and two 2 inch pieces of 18 gauge craft wire. Make a wire loop, using round-nose pliers, on one end of each of the three 8 inch pieces. Take one of the smaller pieces and make a wire loop at one end. Strand the longer pieces onto the smaller piece, start and end with a seed bead, & put one in between each piece to space them apart. Close off the end of the smaller piece with a wire loop.


Step 2:

Strand your desired beads onto the wire and end each one with a wire loop

Step 3:

Take the remaining smaller piece of wire and make a loop at one end.

Step 4:

Braid the long wires, standed with beads together, ending them each with a wire loop.


Step 5:

Strand the braided wire onto the smaller piece, starting with a seed bead and putting a seed beed in between each wire, as you did in step 1. End by making a wire loop on the other side of the smaller piece.

Step 6:

Shape the bracelet to fit your wrist, and WHALAH! You have yourself a fabulous, cute, new bracelet 🙂



  1. Is it possible for you to give directions as to how to make the spacer beads, the designs you show are quite nice, but there is no way that i can have access to obtaining the beads.

    • Hi Susan,

      If you look under category on How-To we have a tutorial. Thanks, Janice.