Wings Of Paper For Charlotte

Posted on Oct 13, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | Comments Off on Wings Of Paper For Charlotte

Frozen Charlotte’s are German vintage dolls that were dug up from a burned down German doll factory in late 1800’s.  You see them being sold at etsy, just type frozen charlottes and there’s quite a few of them that sells these.  If you noticed, the dolls have missing arms and legs and truly depicts the legend being told about the Frozen Charlottes:  A girl named Charlotte set out one New Year’s Eve night to go to a ball.  Her mother advised her to wear a wrap but she refused worried that her new dress might not be seen.  And so, she set off in a cold winter night on a sleigh with boyfriend Charles, who to his grief and astonishment found Charlotte frozen from the cold.  There you have the story.  I look at the doll and it’s angelic face and I thought that she definitely needed wings.  So here she is with wings fashioned out of small colorful round paper beads.



I took paper beads put it into a wire and fashioned it into wings.  Now, I am not that sad looking at the broken doll, I just made her into an angel 🙂


I think it goes so well with this lacy top with beads on it, I just have to show you.


And yes, the long earrings are paper beads too.


Another day of turning ordinary to extraordinary!