What Happened at the CHA Show….

Posted on Jan 28, 2010 in Events and Experiences | Comments Off on What Happened at the CHA Show….

You know what they say about what happened in Vegas, well what happened at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show gets to be shared and remembered.  I met so many nice people who are passionate about their crafts, got to try new products and most importantly spread the word that paper beads are not just for kids anymore.  Images speak louder than words right?

Don’t you think this is nice to have for your shop or your home?  I would like to make this in recycled card board and upcycled embellishments what do you think?


Paula, was kind enough to pause for a picture wearing her eclectic necklace made out of recycled stuff!


A paper mache giraffe decoupaged with tissue paper.


At the zentangle booth.


Kayla painted a t-shirt obviously for somebody else, look how big it is!


Can you believe this jacket is made out of plastic bags?


I love this scarf made out of pom poms.


What a cool way to make use of egg cartons, I have a stack of them just waiting to be made into something.  These are made out of colorful wire from a company called Twisteez wire, for more ideas visit their website twisteezwire.com.



I met these two lovely girls Lauren and McCall of Make It My Own, they were very excited about the paper bead idea, Lauren is wearing our paper bead necklace and Mc Call has the paper bead ring.


Here’s Kayla wearing her paper bead bib, she got lots of compliments!



I hope I have shared with you something fun and inspirational.