Titanic Bead

Posted on Mar 29, 2012 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | Comments Off on Titanic Bead

I love the National Geographic, the photography and colors.  The latest issue has a pull out of the Titanic, we have seen and heard what happened to the Titanic over and over again but it never fails to touch our emotions.  Something so tragic like that can be a reminder of how short life is…….

Here it is made into beads!  I have beads that I thought will go well with it but I need your inputs and ideas.  It will be a fun project.

We can make this into a necklace, bracelet or a man’s necklace, what do you think.  Which beads you think will go with the Titanic Beads?  Any ideas?  Leave me a comment on my youtube so we can put something together.



Titanic Beads