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Paper Bead Mosaic Waste Basket

Posted on Apr 26, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

This is a nice project for those of you who are not into jewelry making and wondering what to do with all the paper bead tubes you have made.  I took an empty cat litter plastic container and applied the paper beads of varying sizes using a glue gun – what I call paper bead mosaic! I could have used the plastic container like this but it is not pretty.


I have a lot of paper beads that are “rejects”  in the sense that they are not uniform in size.


I did this over two days sitting in front of the tv watching home shopping channel – a good source for inspiration!


I filled the little gaps with little paper beads.


Each side looks different when you apply another color, I have one side redish/pinkish and the other side mostly yellow.



And here is the finished waste basket,  the 8 gallon kitchen bags fits perfectly!


It inspired me to tackle my garden, my herbs needs trimming really bad!


And the roses needed some pruning too.


It ‘s a beautiful day, sun is out, birds are singing….



Why settle for ordinary when you can make it into extraordinary.  Now, I just have a perfect spot for it in my home.


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