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Braided – day 73

Posted on Mar 15, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

This is a very simple way to string your paper beads or beads by braiding them using a cord.  I used paper yarn for mine, but you can use hemp, cotton or linen thread.


To make it easier, you need to tape the cords into a table if you don’t have a hemp board, this way you can have a tight braid.  In case you don’t know, it is just like braiding hair 🙂


I finished it with a simple button and loop closure.  The turtle shell pendant completed the “beachy” look.


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Fruit de Mer

Posted on Jul 19, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 4 comments

This is one of the projects I have been working on.  We shipped out first batch of the paper bead kits, Kayla patiently sorted them out and made sure everyone got paper beads from all the 18 participants.  The rest of them will ship tomorrow.  You know the feeling when the party has almost come to an end and you did not want to part yet with your new found friends?  Well, let’s just go party at another friend’s place, house, blog?  In the mean time, you will see projects that I have been working on, and this is one of them.  I call it Fruit de Mer, because to me that’s what it is, even with the red paper beads nestled inside the shell.

Paper Bead In A Shell Pendant

A great way to wear your paper bead creations is to mix and match with your other jewelry.  This has a bail big enough for gold omega wire to go through and it looks nice layered with gem stone necklace.

Paper Beads In A Shell Pendant

What is nice about this kind of shell, it is reversible, the back is just as pretty as the front of the shell.

Shell and Paper Bead Pendant

This will also look pretty hanging on an organza ribbon

Paper Bead In A Shell Pendant

Another day of turning ordinary to extraordinary!

Paper Bead And Shell Pendant

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