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Chocolate and Mint

Posted on Sep 28, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 9 comments

You marry chocolate and mint and what do you get? Refreshingly cool bracelet!  Kayla made the paper beads out of scrap booking paper, the color of mint with a smattering of browns.  I love how they came out in perfect uniform shape.  This is one design where simple is beautiful.  The paper beads almost look like jade and in fact it is that color.


This is strung on a beading wire and finished off with copper magnetic closure to complement the disc shaped wood beads.


This is what I love about paper beads, you can make them in any color you want!


I am so sorry if it seems like I am neglecting the Paper Bead Trade,  just kind of in the middle of a lot of cool stuff, so many projects so little time.  I want to email everybody including those who were in the last bead swap in case they are not aware of what is going on and post more sample “fall(ish)” paper beads.

Upcoming posts Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  Which means pink beads!

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