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My Paper Beads – by Hilde and Deb

Posted on Aug 8, 2010 in My Paper Beads | 3 comments

I am going to share with you what Hilde and Deb did with their trade beads.  It is always fun how each one of us came up with ideas on how to use the paper beads.

bracelet by Deb

bracelet by Deb

This guy is so cute!

bracelet by Deb

bracelet by Deb

Hilde describes her work best:

“As you knoxw from my previous work, I like the etnic look. I bought one wooden bead and made a combination with the big saucerbead. present them on a picture of an African young lady. You have to wear it like this: the wooden bead and the saucer bead has to hang on the right side and not down the necklace. I also made some earrings. Especially the turquoise are nice, I think. I like the assymetric look.”
My Paper Beads - Hilde and Deb
Like me, Hilde makes it fun taking pictures with her paper beads.
My Paper Beads - by Hilde and Deb
Hilde describes this next piece:

“You can also see that I made a bracelet with silver ornaments. I used a square with holes and put some very smal beads on it with  littlle  silver disks above.”


Few days ago, I featured Ralistsa and was so impressed with her video tutorial how that was put together with music background.  She referred to a site she used and I decided to put together something fun for us to remember what we did on the paper bead trade.

Are you ready to dance to the tune of One Fine Day?

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