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A New Twist on the Spiral Stitch

Posted on May 24, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 9 comments

If you are new at beading or jewelry making and is looking for a project that is EASY, enjoyable and the result REWARDING!  Then, you should try this very simple stitch-the Spiral Stitch.  I made one before, using seed beads and crystals and remember the many compliments I got.  This time, I made this Spiral Necklace with extra small paper beads.  I love the fact that I am wearing something recycled from magazines and each individually hand rolled by Philippine women.  Not that it matters who are making it, just the fact that someone took the time to do it.


Even though this is a fairly simple project, the little details like; what to do when you run out of thread and how to attached the clasp and finish the necklace, takes time, and can only be explained best in a full length video.  Here’s the preview anyway…

The kit will include all the materials needed: needle, fireline thread, clasp and many, many, many extra small paper beads 🙂


It is similar to the bead rope crochet, although, it is more flexible but has the bead encrusted effect.


Here it is on my neck!


It looks good on every one, don’t you think?


Another day of taking the ordinary to extraordinary!


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