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A Dollar Bead

Posted on Jun 10, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

Today, my step-son Alec is graduating from 8th grade, I wanted to give him something thoughtful and fun for a teenager.  In my free time (when I’m not making paper beads and videos about paper beads :), I am on youtube  looking at craft ideas and demos.  Last night I stumbled upon Craftside’s How To Make Altered Paper Jewelry video, and I thought I had to share this with you.  This is a cool way of packaging your paper bead necklace or bracelet for gift giving.  In my case, I made a paper bead out of a twenty dollar bill. Jenn Mason author of Altered Paper Jewelry is going to show us how…….


here is the video, I had fun watching it last night, enjoy.

Instead of making the plastic tubing necklace (which I think is very cool), I thought it would be a nice way to give money as gift to someone instead of just stuffing it in a boring envelope.  As you know by now, I make paper beads out of anything.


I wish I had the double sided card stock, I just used a water color paper instead and tore out a page of an old dictionary with the word success.


On the blank page of the flap I wrote:  “This is actually a necklace which you can wear around your neck, in case of emergency please follow these steps: 1) Take the necklace off your neck 2) Get a hold of scissors or any sharp edge object 3) Cut the string 4) Slide the silver ring off the dollar bead 5) Unfold the twenty dollar bill and enjoy 🙂


Another day of turning the ordinary into extraordinary


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