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Where I take pictures…..

Posted on Oct 20, 2009 in Musings | 1 comment

Part of the fun in making something is taking photos of it and sharing it with you.  I usually take photos of my “stuff” outside; in my back yard, in the beach or when I’m taking my walks.  It is still quite a challenge to be organized, it seems like I am always forgetting something.  I find that this cart just sitting in my living room is a big help, just carting things around.


I have draped bracelets and necklace to this Japanese lady water fountain, the fountain does not work but I keep it there, aside from the fact that it is super heavy, it is now part of that little garden.


The rusty bird cage I painted in different hues of purple and pink is also part of my “props”, and the indispensable antique white jug I bought long time ago from an estate sale, the handle broke off but it looks pretty when draped with paper beads 🙂


I call these “papa heads”  also a favorite back drop of mine.


I don’t know why but I have a fascination with rusty objects  like this old chandelier, I must have gotten these from one of those garage sales expedition.


My back yard is really small the swimming pool occupied most of it so I have little patch of space I am able to plant Japanese trees, papa heads, herbs and perennials.  This is one of my favorite little garden with little bird bath, this was always a popular hang out for birds summer time.


And of course Bo (means precious in Chinese), white furry pekingese, I call him “King of the Hill” because he always acts like he owns the whole place.  He knows everybody who takes a walk down the street.  Here, you can tell he know the person below down the street.


Bo drooling over the bone I placed for him, as a reward for being good……


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