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Paper Beaded Purse

Posted on Oct 29, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | Comments Off on Paper Beaded Purse

A few months ago, I took on a big project, but did not have the time to finish it until now.  Not by me but by someone who has the patience to do it.  Meet Kayla, she is my assistant/shop manager/jewelry designer/teacher and an avid beader.  This was the purse from earlier post.  I purchased a blank canvass purse from Michael’s craft store and a pair of handles.  This was meant to be embroidered I suppose, but I looked at it and I thought, this would be great project to showcase the white left over paper beads we have.

Here’s Kayla, picking up where I left off………


We used illusion cord and needle to sew the paper bead one by one onto the purse.


This was more time consuming than the messenger bag which I did earlier.


Almost done……..


Here’s the finished purse, finally.  I loved this purse it has such a fluid movement to it and the texture….


I think Kayla’s happy now she can move on to another project.   So many paper beads, so little time……..


What would you do if you have 10 strands of paper beads?    Please watch for an upcoming giveaway soon.

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