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365 Paper Bead Creations

Posted on Jan 1, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 5 comments

Kayla and I are stepping up to the challenge of creating wearable paper bead jewelry every single day in the year 2011.  It seems like a daunting task but we had a lot of practice since 2008 when we started the blog.  We are anticipating that paper beads will be taken to a whole new level this year and we will be seeing more people wearing them and jewelry designers incorporating paper beads into their creations.  To kick off the New Year, Wearable Paper Bead Jewelry #1 is what I call New Year’s Eve Ball In Time Square because that’s what it reminds me of.


I would still be posting tutorials and videos which means that I might have two posts in some days!  The piece of jewelry that is featured here will be on my etsy shop the next day available for purchase.  Let’s look forward to a Happy Prosperous New Year!


My New Year Resolution?  Wake up happy every morning and stay focus 🙂


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