Space Them Out With Paper Beads

Posted on Dec 16, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | Comments Off on Space Them Out With Paper Beads

When I feel I need a little “pick me up”, I paint my nails fun colors.  Last night, I decided to take a break from my projects, watch tv, eat dessert and do my nails! So, as I was helping my self to a box of pastries and painting my nails, I thought that the golden yellow color would look nice on paper beads, and the box has a perfect texture for paper beads.  Gone was my intention of not making any paper beads.


And the box of patries


I cut the flap on the box, the whole box can make lots of beads.


I marked the lines 1/4 inch apart and should look like this.  I cut them up into strips and I used the metal paper bead roller


To make things easier for me and for you most specially, here is a video

Here is the finished spacer paper beads.

How are you going to use your spacer paper beads?  Let’s meet up here tomorrow and let’s see what I have come up with.