Evil Eyes Paper Bead Bracelet

Posted on Mar 4, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials | Comments Off on Evil Eyes Paper Bead Bracelet

Paper bead jewelry is truly versatile in the sense that you can mix it with so many things and make that piece unique.  We had fun the other day, going to our local Ross store and chose some inexpensive jewelry that we can take apart and mix it with our paper beads.  This particular one, is made with our larger round paper beads and “evil eye beads.”


Here is Kayla with a video tutorial

Tip:  You have to end and tie your elastic with a larger hole bead, in this case a paper bead, this way you can hide your elastic knot inside that bead.


I’m so happy to see some happy blooms….


You still have some colorful left over eye beads and crystals for your next project.