“Down to Earth” Paper Bead Necklace

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I came across a necklace pattern in one of my jewelry books, which really seemed to stand out to me. It was made of beautiful crystals, gold, glass beads, and pearls. The necklace looked so elegant, however it seemed to be too much for an average day. So I thought to myself, “How could I possibly turn this piece into something a bit more casual, yet keep the unique design?” … and POOF I had an idea!


I decided that I would turn the once elegant design into something more “down to earth”. This is what came to mind… I picked out strands of Paper Beads in a variety of different shapes and colors, ranging from small to big, bright to brown. I accompanied them with some wooden beads that were round and oblong, a little over a dozen of tiny 3mm Swarovski pearls and then scrounged up about 6 pretty, tan Indian glass beads. Now I was ready to create a unique, earthy, ethnic necklace, which I could accessorize with an everyday, casual outfit.





  • 250-300 Mix of Beads, [ranging in size from 3mm rounds-18x10mm ovals]
  • 6- 4mm Jump Rings
  • 6- Sm. Calotte Crimps
  • 1-Three Strand Necklace Clasp
  • 60 to 80 in of 20 Gage Craft Wire
  • 2- 20 in Nylon Cord
  • 1- 22in Nylon Cord







Step #1.

Thread all beads onto wire, however be sure not to include any of the bigger beads within the first and last twenty strung. Leave about 6-8in of wire at the either end.




Step #2.

 Attach the two 20in nylon cords to the two outside loops of the clasp using the calotte crimps. Then attach the 22in nylon cord to the center loop of the clasp using the remaining calotte crimps.



Step #3.

 Take the 22in nylon cord [longer] and tie an overhand knot around the other two Nylon Cords about 6 1/2 in away from the calotte crimps.


Step #4.

 Take the same 22 in nylon cord and tie another overhand knot 6 ½ in from the end of the other side. Trim all Nylon Cord to the same length if needed and then attach them to the clasp using calotte crimps.




Step #5.

Thread one end of the craft wire through one of the knots then wind the wire around the three strands of nylon cord [towards the clasp], neatly to secure them in place.





Step #6.

 Take the beaded wire and wind it around the strands of nylon cord, progressing neatly to the other knot. You can use a pencil for more support when wrapping. Finish by securely fastening the beads and then repeating Step #5.





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  1. That is beautiful! My friend and I are making paper beads! Not sure what we are going to do with them when we get some “inventory,” but I like this a lot!