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“Messy” Wire Wrap Earrings

Posted on Sep 15, 2021 in Paper Bead Creations | 0 comments

Have you ever tried wire wrapping? It’s a skill that is easier than you might think and just takes a little practice!

Today’s YouTube tutorial is these “messy” wire wrap earrings. Let me know what you try and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Until next time…..JM

Click on the link below to watch!

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Wire Wrapped Bead – day 80

Posted on Mar 21, 2011 in Paper Bead Creations | 5 comments

I am experimenting mixing paper beads with wire,  love the result.  Wire wrapped paper beads are very simple to do and yet, it looks like you spent a lot of time making it.  The swirls of the wire complements the swirls you see in the paper beads.


Here’s a video on how-to….

Artistic Wire has come up with wires in different yummy colors that are just perfect for paper beads, will have to try those one of these days.blog2
I also made them in silver.
I would love for you to try this, they are SUPER EASY !!!

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Magazine Color Rounds

Posted on Nov 15, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

I am always amazed at the Philippine women who patiently rolled these little round beads.  I think I have more fun with the little beads because you can make them into intricate designs.  You can crochet with them, spiral stitch or wire wrap them into flowers and twigs.  I made these cuff bracelets awhile back just did not have the time to post them, one of the challenges in maintaining a blog:)


I love to crochet with wire, I know it seems daunting but it is actually easy and more forgiving compared to regular crocheting with yarn.


When I crochet with wire, it is always in free form.  I also love the fact that it can expand and you just need to scrunch it up and it goes back to its original form


If you already know how to crochet or even if you don’t, all you need is learn the basic chain stitch.  I used 28 gauge wire, otherwise it will be tough to manipulate the wire.


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Color of Fall-Paper Bead Trade

Posted on Sep 20, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials, Paper Bead Creations | 6 comments

A few bead traders have already signed up for our Color Of Fall Paper Bead Trade, and I will leave this post open until Friday to  give a chance to those new visitors to our blog.  I will continue to update this post each day with new fall jewelry ideas and paper beads with fall colors. How does it work?  To make instructions easier to digest, here’s a little poem for you 🙂

Make Paper Beads of different size and shapes

with the color of fall

Twenty to Thirty should be plenty

You will then send it to me

To be stirred into a most colorful brew

A dash of orange, brown and yellow

It will look like a rainbow

It will then be sent back to you

In a pretty little bow

When you get your beads you can make it into a necklace or a bracelet, let your imagination take a flight!  Here is an example of bracelets, wire wrapped with gold swarovski crystals. These Golden Paper Bead Bracelets is just right in time for the holidays.

The finished paper bead jewelry would be multi colored and different shapes as it will show case the different beads from all the participants.  I always say this; paper beads jewelry can be elegant and I just treat paper beads as if it were real gems.  Here is an example of paper beads mixed with montana blue swarovski crystals.


Silver bead caps were put in between to hold the paper beads on its side.


Paper beads can be fun, elegant, chic and definitely wearable!


You still have until September 26th to join in the Paper Bead Trade – Fall Theme.  Just left me a comment here or email me.

Upcoming Post:  Video how to on Saucer Shapes

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