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My Everyday Tiara

Posted on Jul 23, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 8 comments

I have always love tiaras although I do not own one.  I actually made one in my 100th post and gave it away.  I recently picked up a book on a whim  Crowns and Tiaras by Kerri Judd and Danyel Montecinos and I’m sure glad I did (nothing wrong with impulse buying after all) it inspired me to make another one and I had so much fun with the creating process of it, I will be making more.

Paper Bead Tiara

Do you need a reason to wear a tiara?  Wear it on occasions?  If you are a bride, a little girl, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, Halloween?  How about wearing it just because you want to feel special.  I’ve had the book for quite sometime now and the more you plan on how you want the tiara to turn out, the more that it just gets push back for another day.  Well, yesterday I took the plunge and just got whatever materials I have available on hand and got into it.

Paper Bead Tiara

I used for the base a dried out sea weed, they are flexible when dry and the color turns to brown just like a twig.  Some gold craft wire, paper beads (of course), sea shells (to go with the sea weed).  I was a Sea Princess this morning in my pajamas.

Paper Bead Tiara

If you get one of those “blah” days, when you don’t feel like doing anything and you feel totally useless, try wearing a tiara 🙂  I wore this around the house, feeling silly, happy and CREATIVE!


Today, is the start of my Tiara Collection.  I call it Everyday Tiaras because you can make it with whatever theme you like.  I suggest getting the book, it has tons of ideas and inspiration.


Upcoming posts:  I will be posting finished jewelry pieces from the Paper Bead Trade participants.  Maybe, a tiara tutorial.  Keep creating…….thrifting…….sewing………collaging……..beading……

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