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Tutorial On Bamboo Roller

Posted on Oct 3, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 1 comment

The craft of making paper beads has been around for a long time, dating way back in the Victorian era when ladies would sit in the drawing room making paper beads out of discarded wall paper.  I love the fact that anyone can do it with materials that you already have at home.  I’m sure many of you has made some using tooth pick, skewers, nails, needles, knitting needles etc.  The paper bead roller tool that you can find everywhere just makes the job easier.  The bamboo roller that we have after a few tweaking is one of my favorite tool.  I love the fact that it is made of bamboo and that it feels good on the hand.  Here’s Kayla showing you how to use it:

You can make any bead color you want and mix it with other beads.  We have made this bracelet in jade color, and all you really need is paper, glue and glaze!


It is a very engaging craft, it is not only relaxing but also meditative!  Definitely jewelry making on a shoe string.


Believe it or not I hardly wear anything else but paper beads jewelry.


You can take it up a notch and mix it with crystals and gem stones.


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Holiday Candy Caddy

Posted on Nov 24, 2009 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 1 comment

My neighbor Sue, from Scrapbook U.S.A (the scrapbook store next door), gave me this really neat “Candy Caddy” (an origami box made out of scrapbook paper). This little creation is fast and easy. It makes a cute gift holder, which is perfect for the holidays. She even gave me instructions so I could share with all of you crafty people, so here you are 🙂



-Bone Scorer

-Heavier Scrapbook Paper (Sqaure) 12 x 12



-Take 12 x 12 heavy paper


– Score at 4 inches and at 8 inches, Turn paper once and score again at 4 inches and 8 inches

-Score all four corners




-Fold Scored Corners

-Make it go inward


-Use hole punch (going in 1/2 inch in the center) while holding the folded corner and punch


-Thread through and tie a bow, you can also add a button or a paper bead snowflake, to add a little holiday spirit!



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Finally Scrapbooking with Paper Beads!

Posted on Nov 19, 2009 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 1 comment

I have a guest blogger today.  Kayla, loves to scrapbook and incorporate a lot of paper beads into her jewelry.

I have found that most people who craft and make jewelry also dabble in scrap booking. Making art out of memories is so much fun.  I love going through all of my pictures, giving me the opportunity to reminisce on past memories I have made over the years. Scrap booking is like creating a your own little book that displays different parts of your life in fun, creative and cute ways.

I got the urge to scrap book and since I am always trying to come up with new ways of using paper beads, I figured why not incorporate them into my next scrap booking project? So I did!

I decided to make a page dedicated to my parents for their 25th Anniversary. I took an old picture of them, back from the 1970’s and used it as my center piece.


I created a theme by finding different patterned paper, that somewhat had a 70’s vintage look and went on from there. I picked out the perfect strand of  Diamond Shaped paper beads, which consisted of brown, burgundy, blue, pink and creamier colored beads, that went absolutely amazing with my scrap booking paper. I then took 4mm white ribbon and stitched the paper beads about 1/2 inch from the edge and around the background paper.


After I added a few cute knick-knack objects to help accent the page to give it a more romantic feel/look.


I then took small Spacer Shape paper beads and glued them on at random using a hot glue gun.


In the end, I found that the paper beads really helped add to the 1970’s look I was going for. I am genuinely pleased with how this design came out. It helps demonstrate how paper beads can be used in many different varieties of creative activities.

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