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Paper Beaded Key Fob

Posted on Oct 10, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials, Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

When I look at something, I always imagine how it would look like with paper beads.  Certainly, it will be more interesting and eye cathing, it would spark someone’s interest that’s for sure.  I found this key fob at etsy (, it is pretty as it is but I think you can take it up a notch with paper beads.  Here are two examples of finished key fobs and steps on how to.

Paper Beaded Key Fob

Paper Beaded Key Fob using hour glass shaped beads (

A different look using the one inch tube paper beads.  The tube paper beads is easy and simple enough to do.  You can also find them at

Paper Beaded Key Fob using tube shaped paper beads

Paper Beaded Key Fob using tube shaped paper beads

Materials needed:

  • Key Fob
  • monofilament string (48 inches)
  • long needle
  • 28 gauge wire
  • 37 pcs. or more paper beads

Step 1 – Cut about 3 yards of 28 gauge wire, being careful not to kink the wire as it will be quite a challeng to unkink the wire.  Tip:  you could use a shorter wire in the beginning (it will be easier to work with a shorter wire) and just connect another wire to continue.  Put the ends of the wire in the first bead, pull and try to center the bead in the middle of the wire. blog-3

You continue adding the paper bead in the same manner.  This is a simple stitch called the ladder stitch.


Then, you add the third paper bead, and you continue until you have a motif long enough to cover the key fob.


It will take about 37 paper bead tubes for this particular key fob.  So now you have here a motif long enough to cover the key

If you prefer to use a shorter wire and you need to add wire to continue – you will add the new wire in the first bead that you started with:blog-15

Step 2 – The illustration will show you how to finish the ends of the wire to get your motif ready to be sewn into the key

This was done by holding the two wires in your forefinger and thumb and twisting them.  You will then lay it flat on the motif which will be your wrong side.  Take one side of the wire and wind it twice around the side wire on the second

Then, you will put the wire through the hole of the second bead to hide the wire.


You will do the same thing to the other wire on the opposite side and cut it with a flush cutter or scissors.


Now, here is the finished motif.  Looks like a bracelet doesn’t it?  You can actually make a bracelet the same way, maybe using a slightly heavier gauge wire.


Step 3 – You will be sewing the motif down to the key fob.  First take about 32 inches of monofilament string and thread it to a needle (I find needles used for doll making easier to use for this project).  Make 3 knots ( you want the knot to be big enough so that it doesn’t go through the material, and insert the needle from under the material or key

Pick up the motif and start sewing it down to the key fob by bringing the needle up and down, making sure you catch the wire on the motif each time.

blog-14Step 4 – You will end the needle and thread in the opposite spot where you started, underside the key fob so it is not visible.

They key fob is great for office keys, rest room keys, and would make a great present for anyone.  Have fun making those paper beads and always be on the look out for great “paper bead it” projects.

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Making paper bead jewelry tips

Posted on Mar 24, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | 5 comments

It is fascinating to watch a pattern unfold as you are rolling the strip of paper into a bead – I think this is what makes this craft so appealing to those who are looking for a hobby and those who actually make a living out of making paper beads.  It is not just for kids anymore, the many things you can do with paper beads – the possibilities are endless!  We hope to walk you through the process of making them yourself!

1. Paper beads have larger holes than most beads; spacer beads would be good between paper beads.

2. Mix paper beads with other inexpensive beads such as seed beads, druk beads and fire polished beads.

3. For stringing materials the following can be used; hemp, cotton thread, silk thread, leather or any type of yarn that will go through the hole.

4. Paper beads are good for triple stand or more because they are very light.

How to make paper bead jewelry

Triple strand paper bead jewelry

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