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A Necklace Made from a Placemat

Posted on May 28, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | Comments Off on A Necklace Made from a Placemat

I love taking random items that I find around the house and making them into new, fun, creative works of art. It amazes me that a single, random item can be made into something beautiful and something so unexpected!! Kayla G made this necklace out of a placemat.

Would have never guessed, now would you?

full view 2

She mixed the wooden bars from the placemat with x-small round paper beads.

side view

It was a little tricky getting the necklace to curve at the neckline. Therefore she had to add more beads to the bottom row which helped the necklace to curve.

front view

The necklace came out so cool. It had an earthy yet chic look to it.

full view

Now that Kayla G has inspired you to make something out of something that you have laying around the house… What are you going to make????

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