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Painted Paper Beads

Posted on Dec 19, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 6 comments

Recently I got a request for painted paper beads, it is not exactly new to me because I have been painting them with nail polish.  How about painting them with acrylic paint?  You know they come in all colors imaginable, and you know what this means?  You can use any paper, any color and just paint them in your desired colors.  I am very excited about the whole idea of painting paper beads and so is my sister.  First, here’s a look at my inspiration….


Don’t you just love polka dots?  I am always drawn to anything with polka dots.  Let’s get started, your materials are:

paper beads preferably round big shapes

Acrylic paints in desired colors


Vibrance – this works very well painted over the acrylic painted paper beads


You let the base color dry completely before applying the dots, do not glaze them yet.


Directions: You paint your paper bead, three or four coats of the acrylic paint and let it dry.  Let it dry between coats also.  And then, you apply the dots using bamboo skewer (the fun part).


Let is set for 2-3 hours and then give it a coat or two of Vibrance, by brushing it on the beads, this way you can take care of the little bubbles as they form on the beads by just smashing them with your brush.  The result?  Glossy beads:)


They look like candies or little bon bons, don’t you think?


I have a bracelet in mind with these beads so I also made white with pink dots beads.


Another fun filled Sunday 🙂


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