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Paper Bead Bangle – day 182

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

I make one or two things each day and when I am in that “create, create, create” mood, 5 pieces or more.  Paper bead jewelry ideas are endless!  The Paper Bead Bangle is my favorite, it is something that I can just grab and go and it completes my out fit.  It is easy to put on because of the magnetic clasp and for those of you who worries that it may fall off I attached a safety chain:)DSCN9194blog1

I used 22 gauge wire to string the paper beads and wrapped the wire once in between beads and around each bead.  I have tutorial on how to make this, please look under tutorial if you are interested in how to make one.


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In The Midst Of Mother Of Pearls

Posted on Dec 1, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 11 comments

Dyed mother of pearl rings is the perfect back drop for the pumpkin and spice paper beads.  These dyed mop rings come in a variety of colors but it can be a bit of a challenge to design something with it.  It has this hole in the middle and you need the perfect size bead to go with it.  The nice thing about paper beads is that you choose the color and cut it down to a size that would fit into the middle of this ring.


Kayla made bracelet with copper beads in between to match.


Of course you can choose to put a glass bead or even a crystal with the mother of pearl ring, but then, anybody can do that.  The paper beads transforms it from ordinary to extraordinary, don’t you think?


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Paper Beads From Shredded Paper

Posted on Aug 25, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

Thank you Elim, Ashley, Isabelle, Vicky, Melanie, Claire, Sara and Kathy for participating in our Black and White Bracelet Giveaway.  They are made out of shredded bank statements, sensitive files that my husband shreds when he is done with them.  It is fun looking through them, and now whoever is wearing this bracelet has some valuable information at least to me:)  Anyway, thank you for playing ladies.  And the winner is………….


I used to strips of the shredded paper for the beads.


For this project, I used the metal paper bead roller.


What is nice about the shredded paper is that they are cut with precision and when you roll them, they are all even and comes out uniform.


I drew out the winner the old fashioned way, still using the blank part of shredded paper.


Kathy, congratulations!  Email me your address and your prize will be on it’s way.  Thank you for new readers who left comments, Sara, Melanie and Vicky, welcome!


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Easter Egg Paper Beads

Posted on Apr 2, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | Comments Off on Easter Egg Paper Beads

This is another fun project that Kayla C came up with to celebrate Easter – Paper Bead Easter Eggs!  She made egg shaped paper beads from an old poster with the metal roller and painted them with nail polish to look like Easter eggs.


Here’s a couple of videos on how to cut the paper and make the “eggs”

She just used nail polish (the kind that you paint nail art on your nails) to decorate the “eggs”


Happy Easter!


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