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Metal Paper Bead Roller by Nem

Posted on Nov 5, 2009 in Events and Experiences | 7 comments

His full name is Nemesio, shortened by family and friends to Jun (for Junior) or Nem for Nemesio, his first name.  He came up with coated metal roller with bamboo handles to make paper bead making a lot easier.  We are still making the all bamboo roller (original), but if you want to make the small rounder shaped paper beads, Nem would suggest to use the metal roller with the bamboo handles.


The strip of triangle shaped paper should be longer and only about 1/4 inch wide at the base.  I would like to demonstrate how to measure and cut the paper in next post.


My Joan tied pink ribbons around it to show her “pink” side.  Leave me a comment or email me if you know someone whose life is touched by breast cancer and I would gladly send them one.

Paper Bead Roller

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How To Make Paper Beads w/ a metal roller

Posted on Oct 29, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | 5 comments

There are several ways you can make paper beads, rolling paper with a metal roller (available for purchase from Aubrey’s Beads, just $12, sold as kit)  is just one of them.  I like using them because the holes is not as large compared to paper beads made on a dowel or a skewer.  I had this specially made with a bamboo holder, you get a good grip of the roller this way.   The materials you need are the following and for instructions, please watch the video.

Strips of old magazines cut into triangles

Strips of old magazines cut into triangles

I am using Diamond Glaze to glue the paper and also as glaze/top coat.  I like using Diamond Glaze because it gives it a glossy finish and it dries quickly.


Here is the how-to video:

Get inspired and make some beautiful paper beads.


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