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Friendship Beads Necklace

Posted on Oct 25, 2010 in My Paper Beads | 18 comments

Seeing all the beautiful beads in beautiful fall colors; pumpkin, spice, oranges and browns from places as far as Croatia and France each painstakingly rolled into a bead makes me think of them as Friendship Beads.  I counted seventeen participants including Ashley and Jennifer whose beads are being mailed as we speak.  I have shown you the Beads In Orbit and Memory Wire Bracelets as examples of what we can possibly make out of the trade beads.  Kayla and I look at the beads and thought that they would be displayed better in a longer necklace because of the different shapes and size of the beads.  Take a look and tell me what you think.


The necklace is about 48 inches long


You can wear it also doubled up like this


Since it is strung on jewelry elastic, you can also wind it several times on your wrist


The necklace is highlighted with seed beads, crystals, buttons and wood beads


I think your necklace would look nice with all the fall colors.  Your kit would include:  jewelry grade elastic, seed beads, wood beads, buttons and of course the paper beads from all the participants.  Play with it, have fun with it add more beads from your own collection.


I want to be a gracious host, therefore,  I am giving you a choice in your kit: Memory Wire, Beads In Orbit or the Friendship Beads Necklace.  You can do so by leaving me a comment here.

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Long and Lovely Paper Bead Necklace

Posted on Nov 29, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | Comments Off on Long and Lovely Paper Bead Necklace

I am happy to tell everyone that we are working on an online shop dedicated to selling handmade beautiful paper beads jewelry.  I would like to set aside a time each day to make some nice pieces for the upcoming shop.  Each finished jewelry will be shared with you, hopefully inspiring you to try something new, be more creative.  A good New Year’s resolution, I think.  The long necklaces are all over magazines and catalogs, and so I came up with one using mixed stones and different shapes of paper beads but mostly the diamond shaped ones.


It is about 47 inches long and can be worn doubled up.


Or as a belt…


One of my favorite style is the lariat.




What have you done with your paper beads?


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