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Paper Gems Collectibles

Posted on Dec 7, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 10 comments

I am launching Kolek’ems today!  What are they?  They are paper gems bracelets.  I likened them to a gem because just like a gem these paper bead bracelets are precious and something to treasure and keep.  Each one of them are hand cut, hand rolled and hand varnished to a glossy finished that makes them water resistant.  Not only are they so well made, the colors are as vibrant as the magazine pages that they came from.


In-between paper beads are little coordinating seed beads, you don’t need anything more the beautiful pattern of the paper speaks for itself!


What a great way to show your “green” side, This would be pretty by itself or mix with your other jewelry.


The colors are just beautiful and vibrant!


Want to make a statement?  Stack them up 🙂


More, Kolek’ems to come.

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