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Knotting With Paper Beads

Posted on Jan 21, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials | 4 comments

Putting knots in between beads is the technique used in stringing expensive pearls because it is secure and decorative at the same time.  I like to use knotting with paper beads, just as I like to use it with pearls and gem stones.  Knotting with paper beads or pearls is a very relaxing and enjoyable endeavor once you get the hang of it.  For this project, I use different shapes of paper beads: olive-shaped paper beads, diamond shaped paper beads and the cone shaped paper beads with crystals and glass beads.

Materials are: assorted paper beads, #6 or #5 silk cord (color of choice), clam tips, G-S Hypo Cement or clear nail polish, and magnetic clasp.

Main tool is a pair or tweezers.


Here’s  videos on how to knot in between beads

Part 2

It goes without saying, that techniques shown here can also be applied to any other beads.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.



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