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Got Paper?

Posted on Sep 10, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

I buy and collect things simply because they appeal to me and I am pretty much sure that someday I will make something pretty with it.  I am definitely showing the signs of a pack rat, but if it means holding onto pretty things which I don’t have the heart to part with, then I am guilty as charged!  This pendant which I got from either Michael’s or Joan’s reminds me of my Indian friend and the sacred room where they kept religious objects.  Isn’t that one of the reason why you are attracted to something?  It reminds you of another place, another time?


One reason why it just sits in your drawer is that  it is hard to find something to go with it.  One day, I was at the scrap booking store next door and I found a perfect match for my goddess pendant!


Here’s what I did:  cut it up in triangle strips that measured 1 inch at the base.  Rolled it up with the paper bead roller, glued it together with white glue and finished it off with Vibrance.


I mixed it with round red paper beads, it’s a very simple design wire wrapped together using brass colored craft wire.


It looks nice worn by itself, simple and chic.  Who would think those are paper beads?  The eyes will just be drawn to the mysterious allure of the pendant.  If I remember correctly I paid $5.95 or something, I know it was not expensive.


Now, if you want to layer it with your other jewelry, it becomes even more fascinating.  Don’t you think?  This Layered Necklace certainly fits the description Casual Chic 🙂


Effortless elegance!


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