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Happy Bead – day 281

Posted on Sep 16, 2012 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | Comments Off on Happy Bead – day 281

So happy to be debuting the “I choose to be happy today” paper beads on Jewelry Television.  I would like to invite everyone to tune in or watch us live on your pc, on September 20th (Thursday) beginning 10 a.m. Easter time.  The kit includes 3 bundles of paper in coral red, mint green and sunny yellow in 3 different sizes.  The special paper is printed with the words “I choose……” in Carnival fonts.



We are often told that Happiness is a choice, but sometimes if not oftentimes, we need a little reminder that no matter what the outside circumstances are, it is entirely up to you to choose happiness:)


It is an instant pick me up for me when I put these necklaces on.



This blingy charm bracelet puts a smile to my face as they dangle and jangle on my wrist.  After all bling is a girl’s best friend.  What do you think?


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