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Etsy Monday

Posted on Jul 12, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

I am listing three items of paper bead necklaces on etsy today.  I got inspired by one of our readers Sanja, who incorporates shells in her jewelry making.  I find free form wire wrapping to have really rewarding results and I have been doing a lot of wire wrap on shells which have irregular shapes.

Free Form Wire Wrap

Paper Beads can look like shells or wood beads and it looks pretty neat when paired with sea shells.

Free From Wire Wrap

Do you know that Philippines has one of the most beautiful shells?  It is also know as the “Pearl of the Orient”.

Wire Wrapped Shells

The wire wrap I did in these shells are really simple, just a bit of practice.  I took a class once on wire wrapping and I just lost interest, it was so complicated and the heavy gauge wire is too hard for me to manipulate.  I am still thinking of how I can shorten the video without cutting the important parts of it 🙂


Kayla and I will be busy the next few days putting those kits together.

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Saucer Shaped Paper Beads

Posted on Jul 11, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 13 comments

These funky looking, saucer shaped, button like paper beads came from my sister Joann and will be including some in your kits.  Yay! will be mailing the Paper Bead Trade kits on the 15th.  She tightly rolled strips of magazine paper in different size and thickness.

Saucer Shaped Paper Beads

There’s some really big ones.

Saucer Shaped Paper Beads

Kayla, incorporated it in a necklace that can be worn off on one side or the middle.

Saucer Shaped Paper Beads

On one side, three strands of olive shaped paper beads are holding the saucer bead and on one side is just one strand.

Saucer Shaped Paper Beads

I have received Hilde and Tina’s paper beads for the trade yesterday and will be posting that, hopefully I will get the rest tomorrow and Tuesday.

Peek on upcoming post Free form wire wrap with shells:

Free Form Wire Wrapping

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