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Saturn’s Moons In Paper Beads

Posted on Oct 1, 2010 in How-To's / Tutorials | 5 comments

I see how you like the Beads In Orbit bracelet, and some of you have decided to make this type of design for the bead trade.  Here’s is another example using three beading wire instead of two and I am calling it Saturn’s Moons in paper beads and a video tutorial of Kayla showing you how.


The video shows you how to make this bracelet using the two strand method.

Like I said on previous posts, I will continue to feature different designs to give you ideas and then we will decide (by vote!) which one we will be making for the trade on October 23rd.


I also like this style, it shows off the paper beads really well!  For the trade participants – wire and findings will be included in your kit so you don’t have to worry about that.  There is a catch though, you have to make your bracelet for the show and tell 🙂


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A Bunch Of Olives

Posted on Sep 7, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

The tiny version of the big paper bead tubes resembles a lot of things.  They can look like shells, wood beads, rice beads, but I like to call them olives.  They are not only great for jewelry making but also very easy to make.  To make the olive shaped paper beads you need to cut the paper 1/2 inch by the base and probably 8-12 inch in length depending on the kind of paper you are using.  These Bunch Of Olives Earrings are made the same way as the Paper Beads Cluster Set, the only difference is that here, the olive shaped beads are used instead of the small round beads.


Here’s is the video tutorial on the clustered bead balls, these are made the same way.

Each individual olive bead is strung into a head pin with a simple rosary loop at the end


I made 18 olive dangles for each earring, a total of 36 olives or one strand.


I think it will also be pretty if you string more than 18 olive dangles for a different look.


Possibilities are endless…….


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Button Ring Tutorial

Posted on Jul 2, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 1 comment

I found more yummy buttons at Joann’s Fabric.  They are so summery, one of those I consider shots of happiness.  You put them on your finger and you are instantly in a better mood.  Fashion experts will tell you to buy less clothes and just accessorize what you have, accessories is everything!  You do it with paper beads and you transform from cool to super cool 🙂

Button Ring Tutorial

And the materials are:  ring blank, flat button, small round paper beads, 26 gauge wire, glue gun and round nose pliers. 



You can also put a glass bead in the center of the flower…..


These are the buttons that you can find at Joann’s.


Paper Bead Button Ring


They were very easy and simple to make and can certainly be made in different ways.  The Orange Button in this ring already have a flower design on it.

Paper Bead Button Ring


This Blue Confetti Button Ring, has a glass pearl in the center.


Paper Bead Button Ring

Becky of Infarrantly Creative  has a series of zipper jewelry tutorial on her crafty blog and one of them is zipper earrings with paper beads.

Infarrantly Creative's Zippered Earrings Design

Infarrantly Creative's Zippered Earrings Design

Idea # 5 for the Paper Bead Trade is the Button Rings.  Reminder for the Paper Bead Trade participants:  Start making those beads or if you already have made some mail them to me so I can start putting the kit together 🙂



Paper Bead Button Rings





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Paper Bead Trade Idea #2

Posted on Jun 25, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

In case you’re wondering, Idea # 1 was yesterday’s post, Come Into My Garden Bracelet where we used buttons to add to our paper beads.  The paper bead tube is the most common paper bead shape and versatile in the sense that it can be used for home decorating; curtains, vases, purses, etc., but can also be easily transformed into pretty jewelry.  I love mixing paper beads with crystals and even gem stones and why not?  Here’s our Idea #2 using 3/4 inch tube paper beads and cloisonne beads. 

Paper Bead Tubes

What you need for this project is: .8mm elastic, 3/4 inch paper bead tubes, 6/0 seed beads and cloisonne bead or any type of focal bead.


I cut about 10 inches of elastic and make sure to put a bead stopper at the end or string from a spool and make sure that the paper bead with the largest hole will be closest to the knot you will tie at the end, so that it’s easy for that bead to accommodate the knot.


You will then tie a square knot, right over left and left over right. 



It looks beautiful even among real jewelry……It kind of remind me of Victorian ladies rolling paper beads. 


Paper Bead Trade Idea # 3 will be the ring and earring set made out from zentangle paper beads. 

Upcoming posts:  Paper Strings and Philippine Outreach Program for Kids


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