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World of Etsy Sales Event

Posted on Mar 23, 2018 in Events and Experiences | Comments Off on World of Etsy Sales Event

If you are interested in picking up some of my Vibrance or Amazing base, I have 8 ounce sizes on sale, along with a few other products.

There are many wonderful shops on etsy and a variety of products on sale as part of the event. So please check them out!

15% off on selected Janice Mae products until March 29th at my etsy shop. Thank you!

Paper Beads Etsy shop

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A Passion For Paper

Posted on Apr 22, 2012 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | Comments Off on A Passion For Paper

We have a guest today, Ms. Dee Ann, like me she has been bitten by the “paper bead bug” and couldn’t stop making paper beads. Not just any paper beads, she makes really beautiful, glass like, vibrant, meaningful paper beads. Dee gets her inspiration from flowers, nature and story books. I have some of her beads just couldn’t resist them, not that I need anymore but her beads has something to it, you can tell it is made with love and care, see for yourself.  Her shop is filled with colorful and beautiful paper beads –


Dee has fool proof way of glazing her beads using the Vibrance, and she is sharing it with you here:

Dee takes photos of plants and nature and turning them into beautiful paper beads.  She has a library of prints with varying subjects mostly nature and flowers.  This is one example of Dee’s creation, The Scrabble Charm Bracelet, hop on to her etsy site and see how she made this one.


More tutorial from Dee coming up.

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Swirls Of Spring – day 114

Posted on Apr 24, 2011 in 365 Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

These beads are made from left over scraps of gift wrapping paper.  I love how it has all the pastel colors that signifies spring!  It has been crazy (good) in our shop lately, we realized that we haven’t done anything for Easter.  Kayla, put this together just for you 🙂


I hope you have a wonderful Easter and Early Spring!


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Paper Bead Clusters

Posted on Aug 5, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

I think the word cluster is a more appropriate name for these paper bead balls, because it is a cluster of tiny paper beads and seed beads all bunched up together to form kind of a ball.  We are coming up with a ring to go with it, we’ll see how that will turn up, in the meantime here’s the Paper Bead Clusters Necklace and Earrings:

Paper Bead Clusters Set

This will look pretty all year round

Paper Bead Clusters Set

If you  wind it on your wrist three times it will look like this or you can make a bracelet as well

Paper Bead Clusters Set

Another day of turning ordinary to extraordinary!

Paper Bead Clusters Set

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