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Your Very Own Jewelry Display Figure

Posted on Nov 21, 2009 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | Comments Off on Your Very Own Jewelry Display Figure

I have been trying to find the right display form for my finished jewelry and paper bead jewelry but there’s not many out there, they too small or too short and everything looks the same.  I happen to stumble upon a site that teaches you how to make your own dress form out of duct tape ! I did not want to make the whole dress form and gray duct tape is not what I have in mind so I improvised and made my own with white masking tape.

First, you need a dress form, mine is in red all the more reason to make another one.


I cut out a pair of stockings and use the top part to put on the dress form (you are doing this so the masking tape does not stick to the form), this would make it easy to cut out the layers of masking tape from the dress form.  It is like paper mache idea.



I used a roll of cream colored masking tape and just tear and wrap around the part with the stockings.  When it was all covered and stiff, I then cut it out from the back and pealed it off from the dress form.  I taped the back together after.


I dressed it up with an old lacy top that I have and adjusted and cinched it up at the back by sewing it to make it fit into the dress form (bust).  Now I have my own dress form I can display my nice jewelry with.


Here’s my Golden Pearl Knotted Necklace.


This is another one of my beaded  creations; carnelian bead rope crochet.


Now, I am inspired to make more stuff to be displayed in my new jewelry display form.  I had fun making this          green bead rope crochet with  seed beads and matching Murano glass pendant.


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